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Anthropologists are casting doubt on the findings, saying the measurements used aren't a good indication of a woman's likelihood of having difficulty giving birth.

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The study began with an oft-cited theory called the obstetrical dilemmawhich holds that humans sacrificed relative ease of childbirth for standing upright, said Colin Hendrie, a professor of two pussy one dick and animal ethology at the University of Leeds in the U.

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But anthropology researchers were skeptical.

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Hips do lie Hendrie says the conclusions are a strike back against the "sexist" theory that a woman's hip-to-waist ratio determines her sexual behavior, because men chinese naked woman attracted to the combined small waist and curvy hips.

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And in human evolutionary history, Trevathan said, CPD likely would have been even less common.

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In fact, she said, bi-iliac breadth is the one measurement that is consistently larger in men, because it correlates to body mass.

Hendrie and his colleagues tried to even out the disparate ages of the participants by measuring sexual partners per year of sexual activity, but that attempt doesn't quite do the trick, Dunsworth said.