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In 'Isabella', a morose Tony buys a cartoon of orange juice a nod to the Godfather and walks to his car to the melodramatic sound of 'Tiny Tears' by Tindersticks.

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Meanwhile, Johnny Sack succumbs to cancer in prison, and Phil once again gives into his frustration and rage over the death of his brother.

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So no, you don't get to find out if Tony is dead, or merely living on in a state of heightened paranoia.

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Game Of Thrones spent 4 girls masterbating second episode of its final season prepping us for what promises to be the biggest battle in Game Of Thrones history.

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The Sopranos was rarely on better comedic form than when the 'old school' world of the cosa nostra clashed with the touchy-feely new world of New York liberalism.

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This sixth episode in the third season sparked immediate controversy when it aired in for its depiction of the brutal, senseless murder of a woman — one of the most violent scenes ever depicted in a show already hot mom xxx for going there.

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We were wrong.

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While right now Portman's Podrick.