Sexy pokemon girls. Spotted on Geekologieall Sexy Pokemon Girls are featured in a single massive image, and be advised before you click:

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There's a thoroughness, a dedication, and even some pretty awesome fashion choices on display, and we've got the whole thing and a close-up look at some of our favorites after the jump!

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Not to get all fashionista on everybody here, but this is another design I really like.

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And it happened in the way that I think we all knew it would:

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Turning Koffing's cartoony skull-and-crossbones logo into a Video sex petite Girl-ish cleavage window and a pair of straps is actually a pretty neat way of adapting it to clothes, not unlike Betty Felon's Snorlax Dress.

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Just Google image search the name of any pokemon with SafeSearch off.

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No look at Pokemon would be complete without the inclusion of the series mascot, and honestly?

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See the 10 Weirdest Pokemon Ever.

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I don't really have a hot black nude models for this one, I just think that turning the Pokemon with speakers for ears and a pipe organ for a head into a rocker girl and her keyboard-playing backup is a pretty awesome idea.

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