Sex positions in bath tub. This week, Jaclyn tackles a question about bad sex from one of her fans

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Rock His Boat With the boat rocking beneath you, every move you two make will be magnified.

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Even if you have a stand-up shower that doesn't have a full-size tub, you can make it happen.

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Drying each other off can be pretty sweet too, and if you're still up for some one-on-one, the bed isn't far away!

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Have your partner take a seat with their butt on the tub's base and their legs stretched out, then straddle them for any version of woman-on-top sex that you prefer.

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But have you ever tried having sex in the bathtub?

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One is where your man lies back, and you straddle him while facing away from him.

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Sex Tip:

Plus, this position allows you to have sex face-to-face, which is nice because it's so intimate and you get a good view.

How to do it: