Princess leia takes on han and luke. Ford reportedly told Fisher to "lawyer up" after she dropped news of their affair, though she maintained he was joking.

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A reconstructed Anakin bellows, "Nooooooooo!!!!!

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However, while that certainly played a large part in their separation, it turns out that there was growing tension and distance long before that.

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Via comicbook.

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In total, Williams uses 18 different themes, including the main iconic overture, to convey the Star Wars universe.

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Photographic dyes, like all dyes, can change with time and exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, excessive heat, and high humidity.

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After the Death Star was destroyed, she continued to serve the Rebels alongside Luke and Han Solothe latter of whom she fell in love with.

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By Sarah KnaptonScience Editor.

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Yet no matter how inspired by fairytales Star Wars may be, it seems as though happily ever after was never truly meant for these voyeur porn tubes star-crossed lovers.

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The idealism of youth is behind her, but she'll always fight for the future she believes in.

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Perhaps you've also seen her in When Harry Met Sally.

Their relationship was far from a stable one-- and how could it be, given their enormous personalities and distinct interests?