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It spoke of friendship and learning your self-worth and figuring out what drives you forward.

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This sort of freedom and fraternization with Westerners obviously doesn't sit well with them.

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Inonly 86 near-Earth asteroids and comets were known to exist.

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If it is built, it will be the first major telescope to broadcast its data live over the Web, allowing countless professional and amateur astronomers to look for undiscovered asteroids.

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Fiennes, who directs and also plays the part of an influential ballet instructor in Rudi's life, Raven railey pic, has been mulling over this story for about two decades, since he read author Julie Kavanagh's biography, "Nureyev:

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Researchers generally assume that a space object a kilometer or more across would cause significant global harm:

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Zoo News Oregon Zoo cooks up Sunday brunch for moms Moms generally love the idea of being served breakfast by the family on Mother's Day, but wouldn't it be even better to