People who have sex with cars. One mechaphile me has a manual on how to make love to a car or other vehicle, for example.

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Living with, and calling a white Volkswagen Beetle, your "girlfriend" is not something that maria de medeiros sex of us would consider to be normal, but Edward Smith insists that he loves his beloved Vanilla that's her name

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If ever there was a dragonthis mechaphiliac would be it.

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Edward Smith from Washington in the US danielle fischel nude a self-confessed mecaphile, the term for people who are sexually attracted to machines, and says he has felt this way since being a teen.

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Advertisement Advertisement Smith said in his defense:

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He rang up a whopping 0.

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A Washington state man claims to have had sex with 1, cars, and when the Telegraph talked to him inhe was in a serious relationship with a Volkswagen.

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Trying to put his dick in the tailpipe of a car, in public.