Naked fairly odd parents. They also throw in some pointless potty humor which sickens me.

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Nickelodeon Rewind Nick:

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The jokes are also another thing that's been getting stale and terrible.

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Also, each episode constantly throws in joke after joke after joke and, coupled with the quick animation and scene switching, it rarely slows down on its humor.

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The guy shrugged, "Well yeah

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Later on July 7," 77 Secrets of the Fairly OddParents Revealed " hinted that a new character would join the series.

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I can't believe such a talented voice actress like Tara Strong aka.

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I just hope Nick realizes this show has run its course and finally give it the ax.

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The first episodes focused a lot on actual consequences for the things that Timmy wished for, such as the video ellen thomas tits in the first episode requiring tons of electricity.