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Andrew the former PA is at the bar, of course.

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Sean is still trying to reach Bev but he has gone to the lunch with Merc.

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Rather than realizing that Jamie was going to Napa without him, he thinks she knows.

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Matt does the right thing and not only does he not quit, but he rents out the rink they are shooting at kitty foxx movies everyone to have a skating party.

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Tweets RT chasestrangio:

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They quickly decide to accept the opportunity.

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Her complaints about the show and LA are interrupted by Morning who is off to the benefit.

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Now, how cute is that?

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It is the night of the Man of the Year Awards.

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Morning has her full flirt on with Sean about 10 seconds later — and Bev is watching.

Matt got Gunther to do it.

Matt and Bev are having a heart to heart.