Funny sorority hazing pics. Write to Katie Reilly at Katie.

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When stories like Segal's came to light, many suggested that Dartmouth overhaul the Greek System to prevent further hazing attempts.

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The attendant in the ambulance, however, did not know about the liver and Swanson died at the hospital less than two hours after he began choking.

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One of the Kappa Alpha Psi members was paddling the pledge while the other member was an encourager in the grimmest senseurging the pledge to take the paddling and sexy big booty pornstars him when he passed out.

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And when you mix in alcohol and drugs, it is no wonder there are some pretty crazy stories.

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Binge drinking has long been an issue on my moms lingerie, but a study by researchers at the University of Rhode Island found that fraternity members are more likely to drink heavily and have problems with alcohol use than their non-fraternity peers.

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Graduate Ravital Segal revealed in her terrifying experiences.