Dragonball z sex scene. The slams were edited out.

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Instead, sound effects were added as the camera cut to the Namekians' reactions, not showing exactly why Moori was seen falling to the ground shortly afterwards.

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There are two scenes in which Nappa destroys manned helicopters; the first, where an off-screen news crew member says "They blew up the cargo robot!

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Goku Strikes Back Saban dub left uncut right This episode marked the debut of "censorship stars", which were used to cover direct hits to the face in the Saban dub.

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Gero actually cuts his victims head off in the manga, instead of dropping his dead body off on the ground like in the anime.

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Elimination Round All the panty shots you see of Bulma were taken out of the Toonami broadcast.

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In addition to breathing noises being added to the dead body of the Namekian that Dodoria killed, the blood was edited out.

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Goku vs.

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Quarterfinals Continue Ranfan's stripping was removed in the Toonami broadcasting.

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Original Left Saban dub Right Various shots of Yamcha's lifeless corpse are painted over to show an empty crater.