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A writer is free to portray characters with whatever skin color or sexual orientation they want for their story.

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That is why anime, manga and games contain so many characters whose obsession with their friends or rivals seems completely insane naked nerdy teen reaching the level of yandere.

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There is nothing wrong.

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I need a reason to actually relate to them, beyond being an identity group and to be honest, I'd actually prefer it if they DON'T try to drea de matteo naked fucking outright pandering to identity groups, not even regarding, say, Autism since they tend to not get that right.

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Do you wear clothing made of more than one material or eat shellfish?

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Whether Kale is or isn't a lesbian she isn't, since she's not portrayed as evil or disgusting by homophobesit doesn't matter.

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Alternatively, you are so obsessed with melissa satta nuda strong rival, that you constantly think only of him and are ready to focus your whole life on confronting him.

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There, now we've both put our personal beliefs above the other.

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And like I said, your arguing for representation just shows you are kotowing to Hollywood's agenda, since they think the same thing.

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