Divorce affects adults. Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them.

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Psychologist Jeffrey Kottler has written a very helpful book on this subject entitled Beyond Blame:

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Worse, many adult children begin to question whether they want children of their own, or if they have the ability to maintain a healthy relationship.

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Table 5 contains the corresponding estimates from the measurement model for both males and females.

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And this is coming from a girl that was cheated on; he got another woman pregnant, and he really, really betrayed me.

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Fintushel remembers her own ideal family "blowing up in my face" and yet she had friends asking:

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For them, marriage is not just a vow with their spouse, but also a covenant with God.

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Some indicators of each are:

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In addition to socioeconomic pathways leading to adult health, parental divorce may operate to indirectly influence through health behaviours, particularly smoking.

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Hostility turned inward looks like depression in children.

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General crankiness, temper tantrums, crying.